A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than gold or silver.

-Proverbs 22:1



Daniel Orges

Certified bench jeweler specializing in repair and custom design with 13 years experience, with a desire to educate customers on the ins and outs of jewelry, it's history and traditions, and the manufacturing process.

Currently mobile in the DFW area, and able to meet you at your home or place of work.

Check my events page for markets and other locations where I'll be set up.


Jewelometry Services

I strive to perform high-quality repairs of all kinds in a timely manner at your greatest convenience, whether you come to me or I come to where you are.

I prefer to perform the most thorough and complete repairs on every piece, however if your  budget does not allow you to authorize all that's needed, I'd be glad to repair your items in stages, and I will never try to sell you work that is not required.

I am highly experienced in most repairs, but if I do come across anything I can't fix, I'll point you to the one who can.


Repair & Custom

Prices do not include tax and may change with the gold market.


Deep Clean and stone tightening: $10.00

Polish silver or yellow gold: $15.00

Polish and rhodium White gold: $25.00

Antique: $10.00

Gold plating: $12.00 ring | $24.00 bracelet


Size down: $40.00

Size up: $80.00

Additional size up: $10.00 each

Size thick shank: $100.00

Additional size up: $15.00

Silver size down: $25.00

Silver size up: $40.00

Additional size up: $5.00 each

Size class ring: $75.00

Platinum size down: $80.00

Platinum size up: $150.00

Additional size up $50.00 each

------------Shank work-------------

Solder rings together: $20.00

Regular half shank: $150.00

Thick half shank: $200.00

Regular full shank: $250.00

Thick full shank: $350.00

Sizing beads: $60.00

Horseshoe: $85.00

Ring guards: $6.00 plated | $12.00 gold | $16.00 for wide

Bars on rings: $150.00


Repair & Custom


----------Stone work------------

Retip prong: $8.00 each

Rebuild prong: $15.00 each

Rebuild channel: $100.00 per full channel wall

Replace center setting: $50.00+part

Replace diamond: point weight times $1100.00 up to 10 points

$1400.00 for 10-20 points

Estimate for over 20 points

---------Chains and Bracelets---------

Solder chain: $10.00 silver | $20.00 gold

Solder rope: $25.00 silver | $40.00 gold

O ring: $15.00 silver | $25.00 gold

Safety chain: $25.00 plated | $55.00 gold

Bracelet pin: $20.00 silver | $45.00 gold

Rebuild hinge: $30.00 silver | $65.00 gold

Beaded necklace $1.00/inch

Knotted beads or pearls $2.00/inch

Magnetic clasp $8.00


Detailed Carving: $500.00

Plain Band Carving: $200.00

Set stone: $10.00 each small | $25.00 each large

Stone Price—Estimate

Metal price based on weight and karat purity.

-------------Watches etc.-------------

Battery: $10.00

Link removal: $10.00

Replace spring bar: $15.00

New Pin: $10.00

Refurbish band/case/crystal: $20-$30.00 depending on details and steps needed.

Sharpen knives: $1.00 per inch (includes cleaning handle as needed)

New Screw for eyeglasses: $8.00


Text me to set up an appointment anytime, or find out where I'll be on my Events page.


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